About District


Gariyaband is one of the nine new district formed in Chhattisgarh, operational from January 2012. Gariyaband district was situated out of Raipur district and its headquarters at Gariyaband town. Dhamtari and Mahasamund are the neighbour district. The district covers the area of 5822.861 sqkm & is full of natural resorurces. Gariyaband district is a forest landscape area. 50.41% area of district is covered by forest, mostly by “Sagon forest” and “Saal forest”. There are lots of tourist places in the district like “Rajim”,” Jatmayi Temple”,” Ghatarani Temple”,” Bhooteshwarnath”, “Sikaser dam”, “Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve”.


Rajim is a famous pilgrimage center of the district located at 45 km from Raipur. “Pairi” and “Sodhur” river flows in north direction from gariyaband and makes “Triveni Sangam” at Rajim. Every year The “Kumbh Mela” is held from “Magh Purnima” to “Mahashivratry” at Rajiv Lochan Temple in Rajim.

Jatmayi Temple

It is located in Gariyaband,85 km from Raipur. “Jatmayi Temple” is dedicated to “Mata Jatmayi”, located between the beautiful sights of a small forest. Temple is beautifully carved out of granite with a huge tower and many small peaks.

Ghatarani Temple

There is a big waterfall located 25 km from “Jatmayi Temple”. Navratri festival is used to celebrate in this temple with much enthusiasm and devotion.


The world’s largest Shivaling given by the nature sparkling in the region surrounded by pictures forest and hills near Gariyaband. The news comes where the size of ”Mahakal” and other Shivlings decreases while there’s a Bhooteshwar shivling whose size does not shrink but increases every year.

Sikaser dam

Sikaser dam is an artificial dam located at the distance of 50km from Gariyaband. It was built in year 1977. The length of Sikaser dam is 1540 meter and maximum hight is 9.32 meter. In the Sikaser dam capacity of 2X35 MW water hydropower plant is installed which is producing electricity as well as irrigation.

Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve efforts for pure breed buffaloes. Presently there is a female buffalo, a female child and 9 male buffaloes. To increase their number the rescue center has been created in approximately 25 hectares.